thesis: the idea

Originally i wanted to create a go to guide book for young girls with a wide array of tops, including health, relationships, careers, passions as well as inspiration. In doing some research the overall topic became too broad and overwhelming. still wanting to create a book to inspire young females, i decided to narrow in on the topic of creativity and inspiration. The general audience is geared toward young girls however, it can be used as a tool for anyone who is looking into a career in the design industry as well as persuing a creatively free lifestyle.

Initially i wanted to call the book ìgirl gang.í; the main issue is that it narrows the target audience and takes away the ìtoolî aspect of the book. Therefore persuing my research i have decided to call the book blank canvas. its more general for the target audience but also is inspired by art; in this case paint canvas.

The main objective of my thesis is to create some form of guide or book for young girls to go to for inspiration in many different creative outlets.The goal is ultimately to inspire a younger generation of creatives to persue there passions , in whatever they are interesed in , and to give them a look intothe different possibilities. The book will have a compilation of essays and interviews of women in the industry and their experiences , and what inspires thhem as artists.

my goal is to compile interviews from a few different people who work ,in different parts of the design industry. the sections will have interviews from people in graphic design, photography , videography, fashion and fine arts.

the ìguideî will be directed towards young millenials, aprroximately age 13-26 (roughly ).

There may be some limitations in the sense that its directed toward a very specific audience, and will not apeal to a potentially larger deographic of girls. As far as printing , digital files etc, there are som eother limitations , it is undecided whether this will soley be a book in a physical form or if there will be any additional forms such as apps and web or in video form. As far as printing there may be some complications , because i intend to use a few different  types of paper such as vellum , iridescent paper and different weights of card stock.




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